UVC Trolley | Large area coverage| 99% microbe reduction

The SteraCART is developed by the only UV lamp manufacturing company in India.

Aeropure a UV systems specialist with over 8 year experience in using UV for microbe control.

Completely MADE IN INDIA, the product comes with performance assured on both the mechanical and UV sanitation. The SteraCART has undergone over 100 tests for UV intensity and microbiological effectiveness.

Sanitiser UV Cart

SteraCART can be used to reduce up to 99% of microbes including SAR Covid viruses and TB bacteria.

UV-C light of 253nm wavelength is used giving fast treatment of large areas and office spaces.

The SteraCART can cover 100 Sq feet in 1 min, covering max radius of 5 meters.

Key Features

  • Powerful 800W UV System with 250W of UV output
  • Remote operated by handheld remote
  • In built extension cord of 10m
  • 360 Deg motion detector
  • Requires no maintenance except for periodic replacement of the UV lamp.


600 mm (L) x 600 mm (W) x 1800mm (H)

Weight 30 Kg

Operating Instructions

  1. Place the unit in a room to be sanitized
  2. Plus into a grounded 5amp plug point
  3. Turn on the unit locally or remotely
  4. The unit will power the UV lamps after a 30 sec delay to allow the operator to leave the room
  5. Do not enter the room till set program is complete and UV lamps have switched off.

Testing and Performance

The SteraCART has been extensively tested for control of microbe counts. It is effective up to a radius of 5 meters away.

Testing has shown that the SteraCART will sanitise a room to 90% in 75 seconds ( approx 120 Sq feet) and up to 99% in 150 sec.

The SteraCART is designed to provides an effective irradiation on vertical surfaces up to 7 feet in height and horizontal surfaces from floor up to table heights.

Safety is taken care of by a 360 Deg motion detector, a buzzer indication and a remote controller.

The system has incorporated a retractable electoral connection, a 360 deg protective rail and an ergonomic design.

The SteraCART is programmable for real time auto start and stop operations as well as for treatment cycles.

Safety Precautions

  • Must be used by trained operator.
  • The operator must be equipped with a face shield, cotton gloves and full sleeved shirt.
  • The SteraCART must not be operated when there are other people in the room or immediate area.
  • Direct or reflected UV Exposure to skin and eyes must be avoided as it may cause damage.