Sanitiser ROBOT | Large area coverage| 99% microbe reduction

The SteraBOT is a joint development between two specialist companies. Janyutech a specialist robotics company and Aeropure a UV systems specialist with over 8 year experience.

Completely MADE IN INDIA, the product comes with performance assured on both the mechanical and UV sanitation. The SteraBOT has undergone over 100 tests for UV intensity and microbiological effectiveness.

Sanitiser ROBOT

SteraBOT can be used to reduce up to 99% of microbes including SAR Covid viruses and TB bacteria.

UV-C light of 253nm wavelength is used giving fast treatment of large areas and office spaces.

The SteraBOT can cover 100 Sq feet in 1 min, covering 10,000 Sq feet in under 2 Hours.

Key Features

  • Powerful 800W UV System
  • Shatter proof UV lamps
  • Made in INDIA lamps
  • Battery life of up to 2 Hrs
  • Hot Swappable battery for continuous operations
  • Front and Back Camera for live visual guidance plus obstacle detection


850 mm (L) x 500 mm (W) x 1500mm (H)

Weight 75 Kg

Use Cases

The SteraBOT has been tested for two use cases, one where it can be maundered into a space or room and kept stationary for the required time to achieve sanitation. The second use case is the SteraBOT is continuously operated across a large work hall at its design speed and sanitation is achieved during movement.

Use Case 1: Stationary Operation

The testing shows that the SteraBOT will sanitise a room to 90% upto 2 meters away in 75 seconds and upto 99% up to 2 meters away in 150 seconds. This mode is useful in small offices, meeting rooms, hospital rooms, OT’s and ICUs.

Use Case 2: Continuous Operation

Use Case 1: Stationary Operation

The SteraBOT can be operated in sanitation mode at a speed of 1.5 meters per minute, in this mode the SteraBOT will sanitise an area of 100 Sq feet in 48 seconds, or an area of 10,000 square feet it about 1 Hour and 20 minutes.

This mode is useful for large spaces, and work halls. The SteraBOT is equipped with a had held remote controller, it records the run hours of the system, distance travelled during each operation and time spent in sanitation mode.

Safety Precautions

  • Must be used by trained operator.
  • The operator must be equipped with a face shield, cotton gloves and full sleeved shirt.
  • The SteraBOT must not be operated when there are other people in the room or immediate area.
  • Direct or reflected UV Exposure to skin and eyes must be avoided as it may cause damage.