Object sanitiser | UV Tech | High Power

The SteraBOX is designed to sanitize objects before bringing them into the office, home or factory. It can be used to sanitize goods, luggage, groceries, spares etc. The UV BOX has a powerful 70 watts system with pre programmed modes that selected for optimum time and 360 deg UV dosage.

Direct or reflected UV Exposure to skin and eyes must be avoided as it is harmful and may cause damage.

Object Sanitiser

UV BOX can be used to effect up to 99% reduction of various microbes including SAR viruses and TB bacteria on surfaces of various objects:

  • Face Masks
  • PPE kits
  • Groceries (tins, bread, food packaging
  • Phones, keys, wallets


  • Twin skin construction
  • Double interlock to door


60 cm (L) x 50 cm (H) x 40 cm