Duct Zapper


Aeropure UV Systems Pvt Ltd is focused on delivering solutions for Air Quality and Energy Saving , based on Ultra Violet germicidal technology to the Indian and International Markets , with wide ranging applications in Indoor air quality, energy conservation of air conditioning systems and for Germicidal disinfection of Indoor Air and Surfaces.

Aeropure is promoted by Arklite Speciality Lamps Ltd, the only Ultra Violet lamp manufacturer in India. Arklite is a technology oriented company in manufacturing and export of speciality lamps since 1996.

Introducing the Duct Zapper
Air Disinfection and for Stench Removal

Aeropure UV Systems introduces DUCT ZAPPER, an Ultra Violet (UV) based product designed for retrofitting in ducts of Kitchen Exhaust and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

100% Indigenous UV System: All system components manufactured by us.

The DUCT ZAPPER use ozone forming lamps, the Ozone forming lamp generates The ozone when it comes in contact with the VOC’s. The harmful VOC are Oxidized and turned into water and carbon dioxide. Any VOC is good or bad odors which can be removed with the help of Ozone Forming lamps.

We at Aeropure provide Induct Systems which are helpful in removing The bad odor from STP and also the odor of the food from the kitchen exhaust.

Duct Zapper delivers
  • Reduces bad odor from kitchen exhaust and sewage treatment plant.
  • Improved Air Quality with less maintenance for cleaning of the ducts.
Duct Zapper System Consists of

1. UV lamp
2. Control Panel & Electronic Ballast.
3. Aluminium Assembly.

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