1. What is UV-C?

The “UV” relates to the entire UltraViolet spectrum. There are 3 types of UV, based on frequency.

• Short Wave frequency (UV-C)
• Middle Wave frequency (UVB)
• Long Wave frequency (UVA)

UV-C is the Short Wave frequency that is used to deactivate microorganisms at 254 nanometers.

2. What is UVGI and how does it operate?

The term UVGI refers to Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation.
UVGI is the use of ultraviolet energy (electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than of visible
light) to kill or inactivate microbes(viral, bacterial, and fungal species).
UVGI term is used for surface and airborne microorganisms killing.

3. What is deactivation of micro organism?

UV-C doses may not cause immediate micro-organism death but the micro-organism may be “deactivated”.
UV-C deactivate the DNA of micro-organism.
Some micro-organism function may still exist but replication of micro-organism is impossible. so it soon dies.
Continuously UV dosing over period of time ,result showing cell death.

4. How does UV-C affect bacteria, fungi and mold?

UV-C electromagnetic energy deactivates a microorganism nucleus or DNA @ 254nm.So replication of
micro-organism is impossible and results cell death.

5. Are Air filters remove and kill Microorganisms?

No,all mechanical filters can not removes all microorganisms. Some Air filters are capable of “Trapping”
micro-organism from the air but they do not “kill” the micro-organisms.
UVGI technology is the only options to kill microorganisms in the air zone and on the cooling coil surface of the AHU.

6. Does UV chemical source control?

UV is the only non-chemical continuous source of control. It is the use of ultraviolet energy
(electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than of visible light).

7. Are UV-C lamps replacing air filters in the AHU?

No, UV-C is used to deactivate the micro-organisms, that works with mechanical air filtration in the air
handling unit. UV-C is not used to replace Air filters in the AHU.

8. Does UV-C save energy in HVAC?

Yes, The installation of UVGI devices lead to electrical energy savings to the tune of 10 to 15% by
improving heat transfer efficiency of AHU cooling Coil.

9. Does UV-C helps in AHU maintenance?

Yes, by UV-C energy micro-organism growth is reduces from the AHU Cooling coil. It reduces manual coil cleaning problems.
It also reduces need of chemical solvents, pressure wash for cooling coils. AHU cooling coil looks in New Condition.

10. Does UV-C benefits in Green Building?

Yes, UV-C contributes in energy saving, reduces water consumption and waste water cost and chemical
use in AHU. So UV-C benefits in Green Building.

11. Does UV-C help in to extends HEPA filter life?

Yes, by installing UV-C in the AHU, the Air pass through HEPA filter will have less number of microorganisms,as compare to normal AHU.
This helps in reduced amount of loading on HEPA filter per Air Pass.Hence extends HEPA’s Life.