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Aeropure UV Systems Pvt Ltd is focused on delivering solutions for Air Quality and Energy Saving , based on Ultra Violet germicidal technology to the Indian and International Markets , with wide ranging applications in Indoor air quality, energy conservation of air conditioning systems and for Germicidal disinfection of Indoor Air and Surfaces.

Aeropure is promoted by Arklite Speciality Lamps Ltd, the only Ultra Violet lamp manufacturer in India. Arklite is a technology oriented company in manufacturing and export of speciality lamps since 1996.

Introducing the Aero-Pro System

Aero-Pro is Aeropure Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Product. It’s a wall mounted unit used for improving the Indoor Air Quality and also used for eliminating bad odour / stench with the application of our Ultra Violet technology
100% Indigenous UV System: All system components manufactured by us.
Coverage Area: Up to 3000 ft³
Kill Rate of UVGI:
70% H1N1 for 4 change/hr.
90% H1N1 for 8 change/hr.

Aero Pro Types

L-Type “Ozone Free”

  • UV lamp generate germ killing UV-C at 254nm.
  • Generated UV-C inactivate/eliminate pathogens along with M-Type VOCs.
  • System is extremely efficient at low temperature.
  • Improves Air Quality.

VH Type “Ozone Forming”

  • UV lamp generate germ killing UV-C and ozone.
  • Ozone forming System with controller.
  • Photocatalic Process to generate Ozone.
  • Inactivates micro organism by using UV-C.
  • Micro-Organism such as bacteria, virus, molds, fungi, spores, M-VOC by UV-C.
  • Eliminates wide range of VOC by ozone.
  • Eliminates bad odours by oxidizing odour causing VOC, Toilet.
  • It can also be used for removing stench.

Aero Pro VH-Type System comes with our proprietary Ozone Controller to maintain the amount of ozone
level in air as per OSHA/ASHARE specified levels.

Technical Specification
Product Includes

UV Lamp: – UVL221AH Lamp
Fan Blower: – 230VAC Power I/P

Product Specification
  • Works on Quartz Glass Ultra Violet lamps.
  • UV lamps generate germ killing UV-C (254nm) known as “L-Type” Lamp.
  • UV Lamp generates UV-C (185nm) as well as Ozone known as “VH-Type” Lamp
  • System Flow Rate– 250 CFM
  • Volume Coverage – 3000ft³
  • UV Lamp: UVL221AH
  • UV O/P @1 m: 118μW/
  • Kill Rate: 90% H1N1 for 8 air passes by “L-Type”Lamp.
  • Power Consumption/Unit: 0.1KWH
  • I/P Power- 230 VAC/50 Hz
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions(in mm): L- 795 ,W-265, H-200
  • Electrical Data

    Electronic Ballast-
    Input Power – 180 to 270 V / 50 Hz.
    Electronic Ballast with rated current of 800mA
    UV Lamp (UVL221AH)

    • Lamp Power- 50W
    • Lamp Voltage-62.5V
    • Lamp Current-800mA
    • Initial UV irradiance at 1 mtr – 118 μw/cm²
    • Avg. Rated Life – 12000 hrs

    The above products and its components are covered under warranty for 1 year from the date of installation.

    For UV Design

    We require only Volume Area of your Space and Purpose (IAQ or Odour Removal) of System.

    Please Contact us on below details for UVGI Solution.

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